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BMH is a Los Angeles based Non-Profit organization founded in 2011 by a small group of artists and friends who had all experienced childhood trauma. Rather than allowing their challenges to defeat or define them, each individual took refuge in the arts and used their creativity to empower themselves and ultimately rise above. With a common unwavering belief that the arts when used as an act of service, can be a catalyst for transformation, they created a cross country tour to inspire school communities with their music and triumphant stories. While developing a concert style assembly, they worked closely with school principles, educators and phoenix schneider, their board president and former program director of the "Trevor Project", to best address the specific needs of each school. Rather than just being a one day assembly, BMH felt it was essential to create a long term impact to the culture of the schools they visited. With that intention, BMH developed student led clubs where students had the opportunity to create and execute their own service projects to strengthen the fabric of their school community. The tour and clubs were a massive hit and BMH had the privilege of reaching thousands of students all over the country.  

After the tour, BMH collaborated with their friends Heart Phoenix and Jeffrey Weisberg , founders of The River Phoenix Center For Peace-building, and began developing a week-long leadership retreat. They flew in 17 diverse High School students from different parts of the country, to the mountains of big bear California. There, They combined the arts and experimental workshops to support them through their personal conflicts and connect deeper to their purpose. 

Both the tour and the retreat were captured on film for our first BMH Original documentary slated to release sometime in 2023. While the film is in its last stages of post production, we are elated to share with you the newest evolution of BMH which is more content creation focused. We still put on inspiring events and concerts but feel our new evolution will better help us achieve our original vision of cultivating a more unified and compassionate world through the Arts.  

If you have volunteered or have been on this journey with us from the beginning, we deeply thank you for your continued love and support. If you are just now plugging in, we welcome you with gratitude and excitement. Let's all continue being examples of how we can BE MORE HEROIC to ourselves, each other and the planet. 

O U R  S T O R Y

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